ELBEE'S NUBEE'S 1. Learn from a Qualified Line Dance Teacher. 2. As Line Dancing uses 4 walls start in the middle and be surrounded by experienced dancers. 3. No uniform required just sensible shoes for dancing and Balance. 4. Give yourself 3 weeks to settle into your NEW class. 5. ONLY listen to your Teacher and through time you will learn the "lingo" Grapevine etc... 6. Once you start learning the steps you put more effort into your dancing and will increase your fitness and stamina. 7. Try not to ask other customers to teach you their there for the same reason as you to be "taught". 8. Through time you will learn Spacial Awareness/Technique and Style without knowing! 9. Line Dancing has evolved over the years and the "Country & Western" was dropped from Line Dancing around 15 years ago. 10. Various styles of music is now used - Swing, Reggae, Country, Pop, Latin & many more. 11. Line Dancing is Social and FUN and should be kept FUN! 12. Once you know enough dances, you can join in Line Dancing Socials. 13. Please read Ettiqueete for everyone's safety, ask Teacher for form. 14. When at Socials, only dance the dances you know "safety" try not to learn on the dancefloor! 15. Experienced Dancers add variations (spins) and will know when it is safe to do so!?! 16. Enjoy your New found Hobby.




by Gary Lafferty


Download the Line Dancing Etiquette form here.


You can download descriptions of basic Line Dancing steps here.