Customer Comments


“I had a determination to improve my health and ability to get out and make new friends, both of which I’ve managed to attain. I sincerely hope class continues and with same teacher” – C.G.


“New dances,new friends, good balance, good health, great class!” – E.C.


“Can tell my left from my right now. Great workout!” – E.K.


“I’m more mobile and active and enjoy Lesley’s teaching which is fun” – R.D.


“I go to have a good time. I’m in better health (told I’m looking good!) and I’m a much happier person. The teacher is fabulous and brings me laughter. McD


“I feel I am more mobile and have made new friends. I also enjoy the company and the teacher’s good wit.” - A.P.


“Made new friends. Feel good, better balance. I have a better lifestyle now- we have a good teacher” - M.K.


“My health Self-esteem and confidence is a lot better. Class is great, needs no changes and has a good teacher” - G.F


“Learn something new every week- steps, formation, rhythm and enjoy all of it. A lovely class. Good instruction every class. Lesley is a absolute star! Definitely the highlight of my week.” – C.M.


“I’m more supple and I learned to concentrate. I enjoyed the group fun and a positive difference is that I’ve learned to” enjoy what you can when you can!” - S.W.


“I’ve toned up and lost a few pounds in weight. Class is very enjoyable, Lesley is a brilliant teacher” - C.McG.


“I now have confidence in dancing and I can mix with anyone and I’m able to speak with other people. We have a good teacher. It’s a good day out and pleasant company “ - J.McI.


“I’m losing weight, have more energy and better balance. I enjoy everything, especially meeting other people. The class is great, cannot be made better” - M.C.


Did you learn anything new or practical?

“Yes, how to tango!” - M.C.


“Very good instructor who has good patience with us”


“It’s helped me to breathe properly” - J.McD.


“Learn something new all the time”


“This class takes me away from the hum-drum of life. I get to enjoy myself and just love the class” - M.McD.


“Going to the line dancing has given me motivation. It has given me energy and I have enjoyed meeting new people and enjoyed the class. Lesley is great at teaching” - GAMH


” As they say –“if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again! Poor Lesley has to put up with all us trying women! I enjoy the company of the other women and the fun we have with Lesley” - A.P.


“The exercise is good for you, everybody is friendly and it stimulates your brain” - A.McC.


“My balance is so much better now which is down to the dancing” - M.C.


“I feel good after class” - A.D.


“I enjoyed meeting quite a few new friends and having a good day. It’s better than going to the gym!” - E.C.


“The dancing has made my health and mobility a lot better as I have arthritis. It is good exercise I enjoy learning all the dance steps. It keeps your mind active and we have a good teacher” – M.K.


“I enjoy the dancing and really enjoy the company. It gives me a chance to relax. It has helped me be more active, more confident and helped with my self-esteem”


“The teacher makes sure you enjoy yourself & she takes time to explain the dance steps. Excellent!” - G.F.


“Fitness, friendship and fun. Made loads of new friends, I’m fitter and more outgoing” - A.S.


“Met new friends and toned muscles. Enjoyed very much under Lesley’s supervision. - C.McG.


“The teacher makes it good fun. I have that feel good feeling!” - C.B.